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  Bill Stelzer RM2 60's wstelzer (AT) good ship
DD- Raymond (Bud) Kostanzer   10/61-06/62 misskatygentry (AT) My uncle-Looking for any information about him-please email me if you have any stories/information. God Bless
DD- Fred Marks TM3 1919 - 1927 fmarks (AT) Dad sailed her up and down the Yangtze and was a member of the machine gun squad and landing party that rescued American citizens during the uprisings.
DD-230 Benjamin Marks TM3 1919-1927 fmarks (AT) My dad-member of the ships landing party-I have photo albums frm the Yangtze River cruises-any info appreciated.
DD-932 James Ables BT2 5/58 until 9/58 jables (AT) came aboard in Boston Naval yard in '58
DD-932 William Andersen RM2 1958-1961 Wandersen (AT) Who is Richard Marlow??? LOL ! ! ! Remember Albany????
DD-932 Donnie Andrews MM3 June 1964-Dec 1965 Phone--804-526-8737 Like to find Jimmy Blanton
DD-932 Ronald Ball SMSN 07/60 - 06/16/62 Ron.Ball (AT)  
DD-932 Thomas Barnes FN/E-3 striker 1964 to 1965 Lapriveye (AT) Only 17 when I went aboard without hs education-retired Lt w/Doctorate-attribute it to the mentoring on the JPJ
DD-932 Bill Bartholomew E-3 Maiden Voyage (1956) limocrm (AT) looking to replace lost cruise books... & George kick
DD-932 Tom Bertts FT3 1959-1960 mom2al (AT)  
DD-932 Gilbert Blanchette SN 1960-1960 gcblanchette (AT) If you remember me write.
DD-932 William Burnham RD3 63-65 buckahobill2 (AT) Looking for Gerald Watson of Marshall, texas.
DD-932 Antonio Cambra SN1 commisioned 1956-1958 sdc320 (AT) looking for Greenier, from R.I. 2nd division
DD-932 Jim Carver FTG2 1/57 - 8/60 jcarve (AT) Assigned to the GUNAR system and served as Sea Detail Helm
DD-932 Bob Cherry DK3 1961 to 1962 cspanjunkie (AT)  
DD-932 Daniel D. Conklin RD3 07/58 - 07/60 danconklin (AT)  
DD-932 Harry Cottrill SN 6/65-12/65 HCCottrill (AT) My first ship
DD-932 Henry Dierolf EM3 1956/1958 hdierolf (AT)  
DD-932 Sonny Dirring SN 5/60-1/63 dolmite666 (AT) was aboard durring Cubin blockaid
DD-932 Britt Downs SFC 1st div 8/60-9/62 stalfar (AT), admom (AT) painted the anchor at sea, survived the yards. anybody remember?
DD-932 Thomas Drawdy SM3 11/59to7/61 thomasdrawdy (AT)  
DD-932 Frederick W. Fish SN/SM 1958-1961 (AT)  
DD-932 Stephen Gohr RD3 1958-1960 cargohr (AT) Great memories
DD-932 Donald R. (Doctor) Gray SN 8/57-3/59 Masterdon (AT) Ship's Serviceman assigned to laundry, 1st loader twin 3''
DD-932 William Greenier FN 6/56-8/57 wgreeniersr (AT) Looking for Lonney Lozo and Herb Ekhard
DD-932 Carl Ray Hausburg MM 1957-1959 rhaus38 (AT) Transferred to Tender Grand Canyon AD-28 late in 59
DD-932 Bill Heathman PN3 5/62 - 8/65 wheathmanb (AT) She was a great ship with a bad ending. May she sleep well.
DD-932 John Herring, MD LT (MC) 10/59 to 12/60 jherring5 (AT) Hello to shipmates!
DD-932 Richard Hess SN 12/62-11/64 Zeme2 (AT)  
DD-932 Kent Hoover SN 11/61 - 4/62 skwhoover (AT) Remembering overhaul in Charlestown under BM2 Redmond. Then on to ETA school and work on submarines.
DD-932 Francis Hubler FN 57-59 EXACTAVH (AT) Looking for Ray Hausburg?
DD-932 John (Jack) Kane FTA2 10/57 - 12/59 mcpojack (AT) Present Member of The USS John Paul Jones Association
DD-932 Don Kluth SH3 1960 - 1961 grayhoundusn (AT)  
DD-932 Walter Koontz ET2 1958 to 1960 wkoontz (AT) Lot of memories...Worked hard and played hard.
DD-932 Andrew (Andy) Longo LT(jg) 1961-1965 andy.longo (AT) See
DD-932 Lonnie Lozo BT3 1956 to 1957 llozo41990 (AT) I am looking for Herbie Eckert and Bill Greenier
DD-932 George Lucas E-3 1962-1964 glucas2344 (AT) Aboardduring some trying times w/Cuban Crisis-we all served with honor & courage aboard beloved Jones
DD-932 William Lumley BMSN 3/60 - 12/62 ginkim (AT) Bruno allard does anybody know what happened to allard bmsn
DD-932 Albert (Al) Lundgren RMSN 7/57-4/59 Aclcal14 (AT) All shipmates check our JPJ Association (AT)
DD-932 James Machocky STG3 6/57 - 9/59 jadair7 (AT) Where are the Salvinski brothers of Berlin, WI?
DD-932 George Malackanich SN 1961 to 1965 georgem (AT)  
DD-932 Richard Marlow RM3 1960 to 1961 dikmrlo (AT) South American cruise
DD-932 Robert E. Mason SN 11/61 - 6/62 remason499 (AT) !st Div deck force member who ended up as a QM1 (retired). Remember Daggert?
DD-932 John McKechnie LT(jg) 5/61-4/63 JOHN540 (AT) JUNO.COM JPJ ASSO.
DD-932 Robert Messenger SM3 6/61-5/62 bobm (AT)  
DD-932 Roger Meunier SN 1956-1957 moose4667 (AT) Plankowner. Where can I find a crews book
DD-932 Frank Mihalina GMG3 1961-1965 frankm18824 (AT) assigned to mt 52 with connaly.also sm. arms lkr.hi Robby George remember Squeaky?
DD-932 Thomas Miller BT3 1961 - 1965 tkmil (AT) 3 med cruises, cuban missile crises, aft boiler room,nick name hoopy.looking for fred bartz and doug moore.
DD-932 Leonard Nisbet/Neisbet SN/SK1 11/60 - 12/60 Beclou20032003 (AT) I am the youngest daughter of the late Lenny Nisbet and would love to here from anyone who knew him .
DD-932 Wayne Norbury YN2 12/61 - 6/62 papanubs (AT) Worked in ship's office
DD-932 Paul Phillips RD3 64-65 dain58j (AT)  
DD-932 Everett Pinkston BM3 6/62-6/64 epinky (AT) What a great ship with a great crew. Had lots of fun in Newport, R. I.
DD-932 John Quick, Jr. BM3 7/61 to 2/62 jquick (AT) Learned alot
DD-932 Ronnie Remonda TM3 6/69 - 12/62 ronremjr (AT) If the story of the Jones was told, no one would believe it.
DD-932 Gene Robinson GMG3 6/61-6/63 gene (AT) Looking for John Thompson GMG3
DD-932 Domingo Ruiz BT3 1957 to 1959 domingoruiz33 (AT)  
DD-932 Ron Sarver RD2 1961-1962 ronsarver (AT) Gitmo Cruise - got extended for this?
DD-932 Frederick Scheerer MM2 1958-1961 dahlgren (AT)  
DD-932 Dennis Schwab EM3 10/59 - 03/61 djschwab (AT) Puerto Rico,Ciudad Trujillo Dominican Republic,St Thomas,Virgin Islands,Oper UNITAS,Hudson River to Albany.
DD-932 David Sherman BT2 1/56-1/59 dgsplumb (AT) Looking for John Philip Hill BT2, Saunders Odom BT1,
DD-932 David Silva BT3 12/60 - 07/63 DMSBlackFin32 (AT) 3-06. Anyone out there from the JPJ?
DD-932 Woodrow Skelding SN 8/57-3/59 wskelding (AT) Hello shipmates
DD-932 James Sorensen BT2 19/59 to 6/63 jimbo0428 (AT)  
DD-932 Edward Stenger MM3 1/59 5/62 estenger (AT) Looking for Bill Wright MM2
DD-932 Eugene (Gene) Sweet GM3 12/59--6/61 Sbear824 (AT) Operation Unitas(South America)1960 1st Div with Smokey; Tapley;and Williams
DD-932 Robert Tavaglione BT2 2/61 - 11/64 rtavaglione (AT) After Service school I went directly to the Jones, I served my entire time as a Boilerman in Aft Fire Rm
DD-932 Thomas Teemley MM3 1957-1960 teemley (AT) was in the forward engine room
DD-932 Martin Tessier FTG3 8/61-7/63 firevet (AT) Cuban blockade (proud)-great MED cruise and asw ops-great crew/shipmates/officers-impressed at 1st sight.
DD-932 John Thompson GMG3 61-63 JJT932 (AT) Looking to hook with Gene robinson GMG3.
DD-932 Edwin Toler BTFN 64-65 edwintoler (AT)  
DD-932 Charles Towers BT3 03/59-03/62 ctowers04 (AT) Member of John Paul Jones Association
DD-932 William Unangst RDC 12/63-8/64 billu01 (AT)  
DD-932 Eugene Urbanowicz SN 1958-1959 sonpol39 (AT)  
DD-932 John H. Vest BMSN 3/60-9/63 ginkim (AT)  
DD-932 Jim Walter ETR2 1958 jandi2000 (AT)  
DD-932 John (Jack) Weber MM2 01/61 - 09/64 Navyman403 (AT) Came aboard Boston Shipyd-eng rms-great friends-dischg 9/64. Re-en 12/64-went onboard USS America-put her in com.
DD-932 David Weisbeck FT3 4/58-8/60 weisbeck (AT) in charge of secondary battery mk56 system primarily gun mount 31 and 51
DD-932 Floyd Wichtman SK2 3/62 - 10/62 Fwlinks2312 (AT) I transferred to JP Jones from USS Galveston CLG3 during final months of my first enlistment.
DD-932 Neil Wood LT(jg) 10/65 3/66 LSTEWART7 (AT) CAROLINA.RR.COM  
DD-932 Charles Wyler ETR2 12/61 - 6/64 c.wyler (AT) Member of John Paul Jones Association
DD-932 Robert (Bob) Yelle SN 1956-57 Plankowner campermeme (AT) Loking to hear from any shipmates
DDG32 Alan Ewers CS3 1967 1971 alanewers (AT)  
DDG-32 Jack Abbott BT2 1974 - 1978 JRA7654 (AT)  
DDG-32 Ben Adams FTM1 1971-1975 dbadams (AT) What happened to Ned Powell?
DDG-32 Allen G. Alexander BT2 67-70 aalexander (AT) Plank Owner
DDG-32 Dave Anderson BM3 76-79 anderson57dav (AT) Buzzy,RayMeyers,Nick westpac 78
DDG-32 Tom Asher FTG3 11/79-6/82 18to80 (AT) Ol'blue, Baha oat willie, ,the tweaker,fast eddie,rock-ola
DDG-32 L. Ralph Banta MR1 10/70-11/73 srchief82 (AT) logged on a few tears ago. this is my new e-mail address
DDG-32 L. Ralph Banta, Jr. MR1 10-70 - 11-73 rtusnret (AT) Any PO1s remember the President Hotel, Olongapo City, '73'??
DDG-32 Dominic Bisesi EWCS 1/74 -12/77 dbisesi (AT) Ships 3M Coordinator
DDG-32 Newton Blihar YN1 8/68 - 6/70 nfb101 (AT)  
DDG-32 John Bragg BMC 4/77-6/78 JOHNBRAGG4235@YAHOO.COM DECK DIV
DDG-32 John Bruno BM3 7/67 to 5/69 firefighterc41 (AT) one of the ist div gang west pac 68 -69
DDG-32 Fred Bryant EM2 07/68 - 09/71 fredab (AT)  
DDG-32 Randy Campbell HT3 1975 to 1976 Slomo (AT) Just looking for old friends
DDG-32 Jerry Canfield EM3 1968-1971 beep71jec (AT)  
DDG-32 Dave Caruso FTM2 3/68 - 12/03 dtcaruso (AT) Many memories...some are foggy due to Extra-curriculum activities...
DDG-32 Larry Center SH1 July 1970 - Nov. 1972 retiredsailor74 (AT) Here's to Capt. Crunch!
DDG-32 Lou Clark GMM1 5/74 - 3/75 naavgoat (AT) My last ship.
DDG-32 Johnny Click GMM2 6/67 - 9/70 seadogjc (AT) plank owner of ddg-32
DDG-32 C.A. (Spike) Copley BMSN 1968-1970 copley2 (AT)  
DDG-32 David Cott RDSN 11/68 - 10/69 DAVECOTT (AT) Q.COM I served on the John Paul Jones DDG-32 in 1968-1969 and went
DDG-32 Richard Crouch SK3 1970 to 1972 RMCROUCH (AT) C.O. when I came aboard was CMDR. Sebring.
DDG-32 Douglas Davis HT3 11/82-12/82 (res.) dddougdog1 (AT) Assigned 4 Reserve Duty (HT (R)Div) had a Great X learning my rate-would do it AGAIN-great ship/shipmates
DDG-32 Gene DeGele BM2 1978-1982 fathead (AT)  
DDG-32 Doug Dirks FTM2 1967-1971 DougSally (AT)  
DDG-32 John Downing FTM1 1971-1976 johnd (AT) Would be nice to hear from shipmates.
DDG-32 Joe (Stretch) Draugelis SK2 5/72-1/74 simon5099 (AT) Worked in Supply Off as Optar SK-looking for Jim Ivey & Bruce Bristol-got smashed with Ralph Banta in Sasebo.
DDG-32 Michael Dubrow HT2 11/72 - 12/73 multi001 (AT)  
DDG-32 Jim Duckworth GMG2 3/70 - 12/72 virginiakendall (AT) Wasn't becoming a Shellback such fun LoL
DDG-32 Dan Eddleman LT(jg) 1968-1969 dandeman (AT) Electronics Material Officer
DDG-32 Lenny Fairfield MM3 67-69 len_fairfield (AT) Plank Owner
DDG-32 Larry Ford BM2 76-78 jetmechsb (AT) Nick, T. W. Nelson Jack Pope
DDG-32 Roger Franklin EM3 4/72- 1/74 franklinroger (AT)  
DDG-32 Rick Frazer RM2 07/78 - 06/82 r.d.frazer (AT) First of 5 ships (was the best)-remember bracing for shock when we pulled into S Diego-Stasko refused to use tugs.
DDG-32 Steve Garrett MM2 1973 to 1977 rsg3232 (AT) hey, medford , how are you doing? let's talk.
DDG-32 James Gates EM1 05/67 - 12/69 Jamesg59 (AT)  
DDG-32 Johnie Gaulden FTM2 1967 to 1969 JohnEGee (AT) Plankowner-GREAT SHIP !
DDG-32 Greg Geurtz LT(jg) 8/77-11/79 rgeurtz (AT) Disbursing Officer
DDG-32 James Gibbons GMG1(SW) 1979-1982 valoriegib (AT) (wife's) present member USS John Paul Jones Association
DDG-32 Brad (Gil) Gilbert FTMC 1975-1978 bgilbert (AT)  
DDG-32 Clint Goodwin STG3 10/78-05/81 intello4 (AT) Who threw our cannon overboard in 1979?
DDG-32 David Green CS2 5/67 - 5/69 djhauls (AT) Plank owner on DDG-32
DDG-32 Mike Harper SN 1972 to 1975 mikeharper50 (AT) I served with some great guys.
DDG-32 Gary Harrold GMM2 1969-1971 gary (AT) Still a Ham!
DDG-32 Michael Hartert BTFN 12/74-1/76 michaelhartert (AT)  
DDG-32 Scott Hartley QM3 4/72-10/73 scott_hartley (AT) Remembering Crash Christian. Hi to, Pete H, Killer and gang
DDG-32 Jeffrey Hasrtsell OS2 1974-1978 teresahartsell (AT) like 2 hear from the old gang!
DDG-32 John Heitstuman EM2 9/67 to 12/69 malspals (AT) Loved my time on the JPJ
DDG-32 Martin Helton SMC April 72 to April 74 mm451 (AT)  
DDG-32 Raymond Hicks IC2 6/76 - 4/78 Raymondhicks (AT)  
DDG-32 Mike Hocutt RM2 4/67-7/70 mikeb17f (AT) Plankowner
DDG-32 Andy Hodges BM3 1980-1981 hodgesandy (AT) on board during it`s stay in the shipyard
DDG-32 Russell Hooper LT 1967-1969 rhooper (AT) Plankowner
DDG-32 Ralph Hoyer LT 1968-1969 Ralph (AT)  
DDG-32 Rocky Hurley FTM2 5/77 - 5/81 kr4pz (AT) Wilderness Wino Member from the 48 Radar
DDG-32 Walter Jensen STG3 1980-1982 decom walterjensen (AT) Hey Guys
DDG-32 Mickey Johnson BM3 79-82 mjohnson (AT) Hope to hear from some old friends.
DDG-32 Russell Johnson GMGC 1978 - 1980 garplool1 (AT) Best group of GMG's and GMM's to ever sail the sea!
DDG-32 Jeff Judson SK3 1967-1971 j.w.west (AT) Looking for Mike Holbrook SK2 1967-1969
DDG-32 Gordon Karrer BT3 12/71 to 12/74 bkarrer (AT) I was known as TJ
DDG-32 Eddie Keenan EW3 june 81-decommisioning echokilo1961 (AT) A favorable experience for the most part
DDG-32 Fred Kidd EM3 9/68-12/70 kddsr (AT) plank owner looking for Barney Ross em3
DDG-32 Rob Kidder QM2 1967-1971 robkidder (AT) Plank Owner - Lead Quartermaster on second WestPac cruise
DDG-32 Norm Knupp STG2 8/72 - 11/75 See
DDG-32 Jim Knutson RMSN 69-70 jkaknutson (AT) saw alexander's ad...found him in the ship's yearbook
DDG-32 Brad Korpe HTFN 1979 to 1982 htfnbrad (AT) Hello JPJ shipmates. It's HT Korpe. I had a great time. I'd love to do it again.
DDG-32 Rick Lane BT1 09/73-04/76 lane_6 (AT)  
DDG-32 Larry Leonard STG2 1969 to 1974 larry.leonard85 (AT)  
DDG-32 Sid Leslie MM 1971 to 1974 sidleslie (AT) after engine room coffee door logo we have not yet begun to fight
DDG-32 Russ MacLean MM2 4/56 to 9/57 Plankowner msob (AT)  
DDG-32 Reed Malley MMFA 1976 to 1977 reed.malley (AT)  
DDG-32 George Marvel FTM1 78-81 Rpx1088 (AT) Missile Radar Work Center Supervisor
DDG-32 Manuel Mateo MS2 1975 to 1978 moetam2002 (AT) Long Beach Naval Shipyard drydock TAD at Mess Hall. 1 Westp
DDG-32 Pat McCullough IC3 1969 to 1972 pnmc (AT) I miss the ship, but not the Navy
DDG-32 Keith (Mac) McHolland BMSN 1980-1982 makinggoodevenbetter (AT) You all have a part in what I am today, THANKS.
DDG-32 James McIntosh GMG3 1969-1971 mistermac97304 (AT) Look me up if you remember me.
DDG-32 Anthony Meiring BTC 1968-1970 bmeiring (AT)  
DDG-32 Frank Merrickes RM3 1981 to 1982 fmerrickes (AT) aol.cim Would like to get ball cap and ship emblem...any info ondoing that...RM1/RET
DDG-32 Gary Morrison E-3 1967 to 1970 gdmorrison9706 (AT)  
DDG-32 Daniel Murphy HT3 1974 to 1977 lazyd1955 (AT) was a BT then switched to HT
DDG-32 Jeff Nance SN 12/79-12/82 musicloveoldies (AT) Great three years on the Jones!- Many good people on board.
DDG-32 Rick Nelson OS2 1977-1979, 1979-1980 NelsonRL (AT) OSSA to OS2 Westpac 78 and 80
DDG-32 Larry Newton SM1 2/77-2/79 lnew1949 (AT) really liked jpj
DDG-32 William Pete Nickerson MR2 1980 wnicke1302 (AT)  
DDG-32 John Parker E-2 1973 wizardwizard1130 (AT) would love to hear from some of you.
DDG-32 Reggie (Pete) Peterson FTG1 10/69 - 8/72 reglin1 (AT)  
DDG-32 Paul Piepho   1971 to 1974 pgpiepho (AT)  
DDG-32 John Plemons ENFN 12/72 - 01/74 johnboy25671 (AT) WestPac 73 was my best , and last year in the Navy
DDG-32 Chris Porter SR 6/81-8/82 mmetalman51 (AT) Life gets better!
DDG-32 Joseph D. Puskas, Jr. SN 1972-1974 jdpsr (AT) I'm still here
DDG-32 Joe Ricca ETR2 6/67 - 7/68 joejricca (AT) Plank Owner for DDG-32
DDG-32 Louis Rice DKSN 7/76-2/79 artistx15 (AT) Disbursing Clerk
DDG-32 Joe Rodriguez ETN3 1970-71 joer1022 (AT)  
DDG-32 Dave Ross HTFN 9/80 to 9/82 drydiver12 (AT)  
DDG-32 Mark Ross ENS 1981 to decom mark (AT) Fire Contrl. Ship couldn't pass Eng Quals after yard. Decomm
DDG-32 John ''SwampRat'' Russell RM3 1971 defatrat (AT) LongBeach DryDock, 1971... lookin' for LtJg Vossler
DDG-32 Walt Schenkel FTG1 69-71 studieGT (AT)  
DDG-32 Stephen Schiller FTM2 2/78-6/82 Schillergapocity (AT) In 3rd Division with other FTM''S and FTG's
DDG-32 Kevin Schreiber EM3 11/13/82 - 12/16/82 deathride73 (AT)  
DDG-32 Thomas Seigler DK3 1967 - 1968 trseigler (AT)  
DDG-32 Louis Sevin, Jr. DC3 1968-1969 DODOSEVINJRLS (AT) Worked in aft engine before Makind DC3.
DDG-32 Charles Shaeffer RM2 04/67 to 06/70 cshaeffer136 (AT) Plankowner. Enjoyed the Navy, crew and JPJ-32
DDG-32 Keith Sheets RM2 1967 to 1969 keithsheets (AT) Plank Owner conversion from DD to DDG
DDG-32 Doug Shively RM3 2/77 - 12/79 dougshively (AT) looking for ops personel that did unreps.(westpac78).or went aloft to repair/service antenna's late 78 or 79
DDG-32 Charles Shuler BT2 1/73 - 1/77 charles1843 (AT)  
DDG-32 Ken Siemiatkaska STG3 8/77 - 6/79 kensema (AT) had some great times on the JPJ-West Pac movie with Rick and Dave-Where did Shell go? Drop me an email.
DDG-32 Mike Smith BM3 7/67-4/69 SMITHSMITH2000 (AT)  
DDG-32 Gary Smith FTG2 1/71 - 12/73 gsmith50 (AT) What a blast w/FTG & FTM crew-Lorenzo,Carusso,Davis,Peterson,Powell,Little Larry,etc-great mems frm West Pac
DDG-32 Charles Steed HM2 12/80-06/82 travlinguy (AT)  
DDG-32 Robert Stempel GMM1 3/69-8/73 vtforestry77 (AT) This is an email change. GMM3-GMM1 while aboard. Have had contact with Don Wall
DDG-32 Steve Stout GMGC 1978 to 1982 race1 (AT)  
DDG-32 Patrick Sweeney SK3 4/73 - 11/76 pesmlrs (AT) really enjoyed 73 & 75 cruise, hope to hear from shipmates
DDG-32 James Switzer FTGC 2/76-5/78 jgdmoo (AT)  
DDG-32 Robert Thompson MMFN 9/69-5/73 beerrpt (AT) had two good tours in 70 and 72
DDG-32 Rodney Tietjen FN/E-3 1975-76 R19tietjen (AT) was onboard a shot time-my number was drawn in an loto, and got ship to Adak Alaska,without a parka Freezzzz...
DDG-32 Chuck Torelli OS2 Jan 73 through May 76 Chuckpt1 (AT)  
DDG-32 Glenn Tuerschmann BM2 5/75-9/79 gstmann (AT) Arrived as BT3 Departed as BM2 AKA Turk
DDG-32 Gary Turner HM3 8/75 - 6/77 JPJDDG32TURNER (AT) Handed out aspirins,placebos twice a day-medicine man cartoon I painted on sickbay door there when she sunk?
DDG-32 Ben Valverde GMG3 7/72-7/75 droofficer (AT)  
DDG-32 Earl Wagner HT3 12-71 - 12-73 earlwagner (AT) Lets hear from the rest of the Jones Boys 72 & 73
DDG-32 Lyle Walden HMC 07/68 - 9/69 lyle.walden (AT) Really enjoyed my time on the JPJ
DDG-32 John ''Moose'' Weierbach IC2 8/68 to 10/70 weierbachj (AT)  
DDG-32 Joel Weiss FTM3 9/69-6/71 VWEISS5 (AT) Like to hear from old shipmates
DDG-32 Philip Welker BT2 1967 to 1970 phwelker66 (AT) Plankowner
DDG-32 Mike White BT2 12/79-04/81 michealleewhite (AT) Looking for randy (clam) hallmark
DDG-32 Lester Wiggins BT1 4/66-4/67 Ooldell3 (AT) Plankowner 1966
DDG-32 Dana Williams MM3 5/74 to 4-75 drwilliams (AT) A ganger, not a hole snipe
DDG-32 Richard WIlliams BTFN 1978 - 1980 myemail (AT) Looking for old members from B division and forward fireroom. Anyone seen Randy Halmark or Peanut?
DDG-32 Charles Wooldridge BT1 1/77 - 1/78 Randynclarene (AT)  
DDG-32 Joseph Zoob FTM2 9/67- 6/69 jrzoob (AT) Plank Owner for conversion to DDG-32
DDG-53 Stifter Anthony SK1 02/98 - 12/01 stifter88 (AT)  
DDG-53 Jim Begalla FC1 PreCom-1996 jim1111us (AT)  
DDG-53 Christopher Borowiec GSE3 5/95-10/98 Christopherborowiec (AT)  
DDG-53 Tim Bosier HM3 93-95 tbosier (AT) Plankowner
DDG-53 Ronald L. Brown FC1(SW) 08/95-10/97 ronald (AT) CM Division: Tomahawk LPO
DDG-53 James Charles Burgos CS3 2005-2006 Jcbdelta1 (AT)  
DDG-53 Buz Buzby LCDR precom until 1/92 ginabuz (AT) First XO
DDG-53 Anthony Carlton IC3(SW) 1998-2000 Carlton1031 (AT)  
DDG-53 Kenton Douthit FC3 (SW) 08/00-10/03 bigdouth (AT) Definitaly some good times were had here.
DDG-53 Paul Ehlenfeldt IC3 precom-1994 ehlenf (AT)  
DDG-53 Paul Eichholtz GMC precom-8/95 bubblemaker10 (AT) Ahoy, Shipmates. Land-locked in Texas
DDG-53 Victor Garcia, Jr. ET1(SW/AW) precom 10/92 - 11/95 vicgar55 (AT) No longer sailing...just patrolling the Tex-Mex Border with the US Border Patrol in the Del Rio Sector.
DDG-53 Phil Hurtado ET3 1998-2003 xtcv (AT) At times I miss the life...
DDG-53 Bradley Scott Ingoe OS1 precom thru 2/97 shadow60 (AT) Just looking for shipmates. I'm finally retired!
DDG-53 Kelly Lesser GSE1 6/91-4/95 kvless (AT)  
DDG-53 Keelan Lewis OS3 10/93-03/95 Buzzltyr71 (AT) Plankowner
DDG-53 T. J. Lofgren OS2 3/93-12/94 tlofgren (AT) Plankowner, Great ship, Great sailors, Great memories
DDG-53 Michael Long FC1 precom-1995 asiaticsailor (AT) retired in 03
DDG-53 Trevor McFadden GSM2 precom to 12/93 Trvmc67 (AT) Crash
DDG-53 Bruce Rathbun FCC(SW) Nov96 - Apr99 rathbunbj (AT)  
DDG-53 Kristopher Tatunay DCC(SW) 06/05 to 07/05 kris.tatunay (AT)  
DDG-53 Randall Webber FCC(SW) precomm-06/95 webberrl (AT)  
DDG-53 Jeffrey Wood FC2 precom - 1/96 jeffwood (AT)  
DDG-53 Eric Woodard OS2 2/97-5/00 ea.woodard (AT) Hook 'em Horns!

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