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DE/FF-1054 David Braus GMG2 1/84 - 8/86 djbraus (AT) Served with a bunch of good guys and had a lot of fun.
DE/FF-1054 Bill Critchfield EM2 6/85-3/88 wcic77 (AT) Served with some good people. swept, swabbed, and disinfected!
DE/FF-1054 Tom Davis CDR 1/70 - 6/71 kirraka (AT) PXO/XO - plank owner
DE/FF-1054 David Glenn MM3 1991 to 1992 twosthelimit00 (AT) Best ship in the navy. Good times on the gray.
DE/FF-1054 Paul Hertzlin SH3 1969-1973 phertzlin (AT) Plankowner-like to find links to other sitres on Gray/like to e-mail shipmates-Branson 2009 reunion 585-342-8971
DE/FF-1054 Carl Killpack BTCS   nanagk (AT) COM SENIOR CHIEF OF the SHIP TOOKIT TO long beach AND THE RES.
DE/FF-1054 James McDonald BM2 9/69-7/71 jamesmac2120 (AT) pre/com 1st Div LPO
DE/FF-1054 Tyler Nalley MM3 1986-1991 tkipn (AT)  
DE/FF-1054 Brad Rhoades E-1 1977 BIGBKFALLS (AT) YAHOO.COM Was hurt aboard ship and transferred to Balboa Naval Hospital and medically discharged from the Navy.
DE/FF-1054 Chris Scholer EM2 1973 to 1977 chris (AT) stephenselectric  
DE/FF-1054 Darell Shaffer BT2 4/1969 to 12/1971 dwshaff (AT)  
DE/FF-1054 Tom Shirley BT1 04/89-10/91 tw_shirley (AT)  
DE/FF-1054 Ray Walters BM2 1989 to 1991 rswalters1 (AT) looking to hear from some old ship mates
DE-1054 Edward Brooks HTC 9/74-1/76 epbrooks (AT) Looking forward to hearing from OLD Shipmates R-Div.
DE-1054 Thomas Bunce ETR2 1972 to 1974 tom.bunce (AT)  
DE-1054 Glen Carlson BM3 1969-1972 glen.carlson (AT) I miss all of my ship mate friends.
DE-1054 Henry Chun SM3 04/70-01/72 ilovegolf (AT) plankowner
DE-1054 Eric Clay EM3 11/71 - 5/75 PATJAM1D (AT) Ahoy mates .
DE-1054 Terry Euper ST1 1969 terryshirley1 (AT) I was a member of the pre-commissioning crew.
DE-1054 Roy Fields SM3 1/70 - 6/72 rafields (AT) Looking for ship's roster for 1970 Westpac. This email address superceeds the fiel5966 address.
DE-1054 Ron Hadarich HT2 70, 71, 72 flattwater (AT) Is anybody out there.
DE-1054 Jeff Harrison E-4 1969-1972 harjeffrey (AT) Plank owner
DE-1054 Leonard (Hud) Hudlin MM2 plankowner-1971 leongail (AT) Looking for the best sailers ever. We were the only one in our class that didn't have to be towed in.
DE-1054 Jerry Johnson HT2 10/71-10/72 Jerryjohnson (AT) Where is Bary M
DE-1054 Michael Koenig EM2 71 - 1/73 mkoenig (AT) Found a couple of shipmates. Looking for more.
DE-1054 Kent Leach FTMSN 6/73 - 9/77 4lorn (AT) Looking for old friends
DE-1054 Frank Lee BT2 5/70 to 7/72 jl-szl207 (AT) mmfn mitchell do you remember the spit and widdle club. We had some fun in Subic and triedto top thatin Sasebo
DE-1054 William Lee QMSN 08/73-03/75 williamvincentlee (AT)  
DE-1054 Stephen Leonnig QM3 72-7/75 stevelinmexico (AT) Recognized some of the names, everybody called me Lenny
DE-1054 Mike Magenis RM2 1971-1975 mlm3740 (AT) Shipmates during this time period
DE-1054 Barry Marchisio HT3 1971-1974 barrymarchisio (AT) Palo Alto (CA) Fire Dept for the last 30 years. Have attended every USS Gray reunion.
DE-1054 James T. McDonald BM2 1969 to 1971 jamesmac2120 (AT) just looking amy one out there from pre-com. detal
DE-1054 Harold McLemore BM3 1970-1972 mclemore (AT)  
DE-1054 Patrick Minutillo BM3 1970 - 1972 Pminutillo (AT) Plank Owner
DE-1054 Hardy Mitchell MM3 10/72to 01/74 hardy (AT)  
DE-1054 John Murdock MMFN 1974 - 75 offsetman (AT) Ship was in dry dock Tod ship yard in Washington state. I worked in Mac 1.
DE-1054 Sam Musillami QM2/E-5 1070-1972 Sammy22311 (AT)  
DE-1054 Doug Nafzgar ET3 1/70-6/72 dnafzgar (AT) Plankowner looking for some of the original ET gang members
DE-1054 Christian Nelson E-3 3/73-11/74 canelsonjr (AT) Was a BT in fireroom went to vietnam good times
DE-1054 Robert Ortiz SN 1972 to 1974 Rortiz2983 (AT) Looking for anyone remembers being in Dang Nang harbor 73 for 1-day supply pick up-have prostate&kidney cancer
DE-1054 Mike Piercy RMSN 1970 to 1972 mikenepa50 (AT)
DE-1054 Fred Pratt YN1 1972/1975 sapphire607 (AT) Where and when is the Renunion for the GRAY
DE-1054 Guy Ridgely SM3 1970-1971 Hopfin4 (AT)  
DE-1054 Steve Roath STG3 04/70-03/73 roathfamily (AT)  
DE-1054 Paul Rodgers BM3 11/71-11/73 tpm5004 (AT) Made a lot of friends during my 2 years on board. A great honor to be a part of the crew!
DE-1054 Rainer Rosellen GMG3 1972-1975 rain53 (AT)  
DE-1054 Kenneth Shugart GMG3 1969-1971 kenshugart (AT) Plankowner, left Gray for boat duty in Vietnam
DE-1054 Enis (Chuck) Simon RM2 precom to Jul 72 babazedo (AT) Plankowner and proud veteran to have served on The Gray
DE-1054 Gary Smith GMG2 1970 to 1972 glsmith102 (AT)  
DE-1054 Will (Stinky) Steinbrecher YN3 1969 to 1972 willsteinbrecher (AT) plankowner worked under frederick johnson ships logroom and engineering logroom
DE-1054 Steve Streitz RM2 05/72 - 09/75 streitz2011 (AT) Looking for old, salty shipmates
DE-1054 Larry Sutton IC2 1969 to 1971 larryjsutton (AT) Plank Owner
DE-1054 Philip Van Gordon MM3 8/72 to 1/75 tttmt (AT) Enjoyed times aboard
DE-1054 Bill (Frenchie) Voeller ST2 1970 to 1974 cwvoeller (AT) Precommissoning, Plank Owner
DE-1054 Bryan Wood FN 2/69 - 5/73 BryanWood (AT)  
DE-1064 Bob Russell E-3 1970 to 1972 oneeyedbob2 (AT) Plankowner
DE-1954 Robert Ortiz SN 1972-1974 ROrtiz2983 (AT) Looking for reunion and if any one has cruise book of west pac 1973/74. I have a cruise book
FF-1054 Mark Addison HT3 8/75-9/77 addisonmark (AT)  
FF-1054 James Allen GMG2 1977-1980 Aallenjwa (AT) let me hear from all my old friends
FF-1054 Randy Andrew GMG1 06/80-06/82 retgmcusn (AT) Painting ''Granny'' on MT. 51's gun doors.
FF-1054 Dave Bailey HT1 1985-1988 Jeepndave57 (AT)  
FF-1054 Val Baldwin STG2 1978 - 2/26/1979 suzieb (AT)  
FF-1054 Frederick Bendolph SN 1978 - 1981 sailor (AT) Died 3/15 at 56-too soon-good shipmate,friend & basketball player-RIP my Brother-fair winds & following seas
FF-1054 Mike Bogacz HT1(SW) 08/87-08-90 mtbogie (AT) Tranfered to NMCRS Pittsburgh Pa 1990
FF-1054 Kenneth Borders MMC(SW) 05/85-05/88 Kborders (AT) Made Chief onboard
FF-1054 Robert (Drums) Bowers SH3 03/79-03/82 graymiah1054 (AT) J Kimball,R Terrell,P Kozad,F Bendolph Gray Band 79-82-where are you guys?? K Nugent (Snooge) Died 03/12
FF-1054 Timothy Branam BM3 12/75-10/79 branam (AT)  
FF-1054 Joel (Tony) Brookins RM1 12/79 - 03/82 thechief (AT) My first/BEST ship-no lie-great crew,sports teams & skippers-memories I'll take to my grave-hopefully not soon!
FF-1054 Erik Burns MM3 89-decom clouddancer111 (AT)  
FF-1054 Matt Carrasco RM2 06/85-07/85 mbc (AT) Was a short 1 month TAD to Mazatlan then up to Vancouver Wa.
FF-1054 Tom (Pon) Chow MS2 1978 to 1981, 1986 to1988 tomchow4841 (AT) Served on board the World's Greatest Frigate on it's last Wespac. Also served on the Gray when it was an NRF in SF CA. Those were great memories.
FF-1054 Hadjii Cornell MS2 1975 to 1980 vickahuku (AT) Green grass and high times forever !
FF-1054 Pat Cozad E-3 1979 - 1981 pcozad60 (AT)  
FF-1054 Mark Crain EN3 1979-1981 jbeenen (AT) Hey!! Mark Wiley, Terry Allen, Mark Cann, the best times.
FF-1054 A. B. Cruz, III LT 5/81 - 12/83 abcruz3 (AT) EMO & DCA
FF-1054 Toby Davis LT 07/87-02/89 davispsychserv (AT)  
FF-1054 Terry Dempewolf FTM2 11/84-9/85 tjdconstinc (AT)  
FF-1054 James Dewey RM3 6/72 to 6/75 vjayshutterbug (AT)  
FF-1054 Don Dollar EW2 1983-1985 dondollar (AT) Great time-looking for Z Gonzales,D Taylor,B Perry,D Depattie,C Williams and others. Good times in Long Beach.
FF-1054 James Futrell FTG1 9/75 to 4/78 jfutrell (AT) Looking for shipmates
FF-1054 Curtis Gray STG3 76-78 cgray7 (AT)  
FF-1054 Greg Grimsley MM3 1976-1980 tinagreg (AT) looking to hear from shipmates from the engine room.
FF-1054 Harry Hallett ET1 6/84 - 5/87 harry.hallett (AT)  
FF-1054 Jeff Hampton YN3 7/85 - 6/88 jeff.hampton (AT) A good first tour-aft 2 yrs PNC Darbeau got me out of 1st LT Div where I made YN3-ended up doing 23 yrs in Navy
FF-1054 David Hargis PO3 1979-1981 gunfyter1 (AT) E Division
FF-1054 David Harrell YN3 3/77-3/80 blaiser57 (AT) Hi to all my seek engage destroy buddies, westpac
FF-1054 Bruce Hibbert YN3 1976-1977 brucehibbert (AT) also: bruce.hibbert (AT) gmail.com4879B White Rock Circle, Boulder, CO 80301
FF-1054 Rick Himes GMG2 6/75-7/79 rghimes (AT)  
FF-1054 Robert Jolley BM3 1987 to 1989 bobjolley67 (AT)  
FF-1054 Sanders Kaufman YN3(SW) 8/85 - 5/88 bucky (AT)
FF-1054 David Lee BT2 6/81 to 6/83 migman442 (AT) I served with Carl Kilpack,Falua Lefiti,Bob DiCarlo.Inthe oil lab and the fireroom
FF-1054 David Liby PNC(SW) 8/82 - 11/85 daveliby (AT) All Gray Crewmembers contact to be put in Ship's Directory.
FF-1054 Ken Mallory HMC (SW) 1988-1991 docidc (AT) Also USS Repose, USS Constellation and USS Thomaston
FF-1054 Mario Mares OS3 12/84-10/86 mmaresm (AT) 1st ship as a new Reservist, retired as OS 1 2004
FF-1054 Paul F. Martin MMC 1973-1974 luapveb63 (AT)  
FF-1054 Harold McCain E-4 11/76~10/80 kitykatzalley (AT) Operations Specialist
FF-1054 Jerome McCartney QM2 4/88-4/91 mccartn5 (AT) Looking forward to becoming an active member.
FF-1054 Roger McElroy EW1 1981-1983 roger.mcelroy (AT)  
FF-1054 Larry Miller BT2 5/85-5/88 millerkent2 (AT) gmail,com Looking for James Fitzgerald BT2 at that time and helo to herbi moore
FF-1054 Herb Moore BTC 82-85, 88-91 hoegermoore (AT)  
FF-1054 Ken Mumper RM3 10/89 - 09/91 damumps (AT)  
FF-1054 Michael E. Myers BT2(SW) Oct 1979- Sept 1982 Michael.Myers (AT)  
FF-1054 Peter Neff HM3 1976 to 1979 peneff (AT)  
FF-1054 Rick Newman ETN3 1976-1977 newman.rick (AT)  
FF-1054 Alan Oliver E-2 75-76 oalan3d (AT)  
FF-1054 Randall Parker MM1 1983-1986 boldriter (AT) A-Gang
FF-1054 Rick Penza MM3 12/75-4/76 ff1054 (AT) USS Gray Shipmate Connection at
FF-1054 Brad Pietrzak OSSN 12/89 - 9/91 b.pietrzak (AT)  
FF-1054 Lenny Polizzi SM3 1976-79 lennyp3 (AT)  
FF-1054 John Portanova MM2 1975 to 1979 newdoor (AT)  
FF-1054 John Pritchard E-4 1983-1984 johnkpritchard (AT)  
FF-1054 Neil ''Lou'' Reed GMG 1975-1979 neilreed (AT) Where they hell is Mike ''Gibby'' Gibson? Polizi email me!
FF-1054 Robert Reid BT1 6/83 - 4/85 rreid (AT)  
FF-1054 Jayson Riech E-1 12/77-09/80 imgonefishing1 (AT) Hey all you 2%er's Just sayin' hi... Jayson
FF-1054 Richard Robison IC2 9/80-9/82 rwrobison60 (AT)  
FF-1054 Jack Rude BTC 12/69 to 12/75 heyheypapa (AT) Served 5 good years aboard. Left only to go to shore duty and then retirement in 12/77.
FF-1054 Mark Rynearson QM2 11/76 11/78 mar0654 (AT) had great times on board. great C.O.and X.O.
FF-1054 Eric Sakamoto BM3 1983-1984 sakamotogume (AT) yahoo,com  
FF-1054 Guillermo Sanchez, Jr. GMG2 1987 to 1991 Gui67jr (AT)  
FF-1054 Renato Sanidad BMSN 1975-1078 renatosanidad (AT) Wanted WESTPAC cruise book 1975-1976
FF-1054 James Skinn IC2 1975 to 1978 jamesskinn (AT) Working tn the Telcom area for 30 plus yrs-had a great time out at sea and Liberty Call-good crew members & ship
FF-1054 Dave Stith BM3 12/85-5/88 cargo9dave (AT) Would love to hear from you guys
FF-1054 Mark Tapper RMSN 1975-1977 marktap (AT)  
FF-1054 Dan Tucker OS2 07/85-01/88 tuxstar (AT) Long Beach & Treasure Island, What about those good times?
FF-1054 Tony Williams MM2 1985-1989 tones357 (AT)  
FF-1054 Andrew Wolf E-5 1989 to 1991 arwolf1054 (AT) Looking to keep in touch
FF-1054 Jack Wood IC3 75-79 jackson.wood (AT) looking to here from old shipmates

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